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Tacos al Pastor


2kg Pork "butt" roast / kyta


2 Ancho chiles (soaked in hot water to soften)

1 Guajillo chile (soaked in hot water to soften)

50g Fresh pineapple

1/2 Onion

1 Chipotle chile (in adobo sauce)

15ml Adobo sauce (from chipotle)

15ml Vinegar

5 cloves Garlic

15g salt

20g Cinnamon

7g Mexican Oregano

100g Achiote paste


Mix all ingredients in blender for marinade.

Cut Meat into 3cm steaks

Coat meat with marinade and leave in fridge for 8 hours.

Pre heat oven to 150c° and then cook meat for 3,5 hours

Serve on 5“ Street Corn Tortillas

Garnish with diced onion, cilantro, grilled pineapple cubed and top with your favorite salsa and and squeezed lime.

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