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Mexicali Mercado bringing to you everything under one roof.
A market with all ingredients and drinks needed to make a great authentic Mexican meal combined with our one of a kind taco bar. The place to go where you can have a great lunch then buy all the ingredients and make the same thing again for dinner at home!
Unique, authentic products imported for you directly from Mexico. Diverse salsas, a wide selection of chiles, hot sauces, marinates, spices and condiments by weight and of course pinto and black beans. We have a great selection of tequilas, beers, juices and of course Jarritos all direct from Mexico for you.
In our refidgerators, you can find fresh flour and corn tortillas everyday along with cilantro, limes and ripe avocados ready to eat and much more.
In our freezers we have a full line of mexican meats such as puerco pibil, carne adobo, barbacoa pollo and refried beans that you only need to warn up and serve on a tortilla!

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Pražská 1108
250 81 Nehvizdy - Praha – východ

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Tel.: 733 114 079